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My name is Angelina. Im creating a website where I can sell custom Hershey's Bar Wrappers and Invitations for birthday parties and such. Im doing this as a hobby. I use to design just for friends events but more and more people expressed an interest in my designs... so i thought selling them online would be a great way to raise money to help pay for my Aromasin medication... which is a drug Im on to help prevent breast cancer from coming back. So far so good thankfully.

Anyways on to what I need.

Let me walk you through one of my products so you can understand what it is I sell and what I need done to make things easier for me and my potential customers.

If you take a look at a sample product I created on the site:

The item is for a Baby Girl Birth Announcement Design. You will notice there are some discounts on the item and the pricing area is a bit customized to show discounts and a vanity discounted price if the customer was to use the code. Also the words As Low As has been added. This is all coded into my themes templates... so if the product has quantity discount prices... it automatically shows. It does not show if the item does not have quantity discount pricing.

Under options... you will see the first option is: Wrapper Type... where the customer can select one of 3 options:

Digital File - where I create the design with the customers information and send them a digital file (suchh as a PDF or JPG) of the finished design and they can print as many as they want on their own printer.

Printed Wrappers - where I will design and print the wrappers and ship it to them.

Printed Wrappers with Candy - where I will design and print the wrappers and then assemble them with the candy bars.

I have a minimum quantity on this item if you order printed wrappers or printed wrappers with candy. But if you order a digital file... you only need to order one (1). Here is my problem. If someone selects a digital file... the minimum quantity remains the same... so if you select digital file and add to cart... you will be charged for 24 of them at $4.99.

Is it possible to make it so that if someone selects the digital file... the minimum / maximum quantity that can be ordered is ONE (1)?

Also if they select the digital file... all the quantity discount pricing and optional wording toggles off?

So again... if you select to buy the Digital File... You should be able to only order one... and all the discount pricing and fluff goes away. If you select either of the two printed options... then the minimum reverts back to the products minimum and and the discount pricing is shown again.

Im guessing the best way to do this is with some sort of switch in the Product Admin Page.... Maybe: Digital Item: yes or no

There should be something in the Options Admin too to determine if the option is for Digital File Selection. So maybe a check-box.

I will have several item types that have digital files... such as the candy bar wrappers, invitations, cup-cake toppers, etc. So I will not be using the same Option as Wrapper Type. There will be Invitation Type... Cupcake Type, Etc. But they all will have Digital File as the first option in the drop down.

So with the toggle switch in the products and toggle switch in the options settings... if I create any product that is digital using a option that is for digital file selection... the script will work the same if the first (Digital File) option is selected.... Minimum will revert to one (1) and if any other option is selected it goes back to pre-set minimum quantity and discount pricing.

Can that be done?

Oh... also for options admin... I would like to add another name field for the Options.

Right now when creating an option there is:
Option Name
Sort Order

I would like it to be:
Admin Name
Option Name
Sort Order

When selecting an option in the product page... i would like it to be by the admin name... NOT the Option Name. That is the only use for it. All else would remain the same. The reason why is that I have a lot of color different color charts... and if I had more then 2-3 options name color charts... it will be hard for me to find the correct one. With an Admin Name... I can have my own name for it such as Minnie Mouse Color Chart. So again the Admin name is just a vanity name to help me find the correct options when adding it to a product in the product admin. that is the only use for it.

Can someone help me with all these?

Im on Opencart with some minor extensions added and utilizing the Journal2 theme.
very little custom work was done to the product template... mostly the quantity discount stuff.

If you can do this for me... please send me a private message where we can discuss time frame and cost and I can give you access and contact info.

I look forward to working with you.... and have other ideas... like adding this extension while you are working on this: ... load_id=49

= = = = = ADDED THIS AFTER POSTING = = = = =

If the above would take too much effort and cost too much... would it be possible to add a URL redirect to an option? So for example if you selected Digital File only... it would automatically link you to the digital file product.

So I would create the original item as normal... and then I would create a product just for a digital file and another for printed wrappers with candy. So basically every design would have 3 products. And they will be linked to by way of the Wrapper Type Option. So if they select the first item... Digital File... They will get redirected to the product that would be for ordering just the digital file. If they select the printed wrappers with candy one... it will go to another product just for candy wrappers with candy. If they select the printed Wrappers it would stay on the current page. Obvioulsy it would be best to have the same linking options available on the other 2 pages.

Not sure if this would be easier to do?


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Hi Angelina,

I am processing the details and will come up with my findings asap. Meanwhile please check my details in your inbox.
Will be glad to assist you.

Best regards,
Scott W.

Warm regards,
Scott W.
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Hi Angelina,

I have worked extensively on Opencart and would be able to assist you on this..

You can reach me on




Best Wishes


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Task completed.

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