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I've tried to upgrade my opencart version to After uploading files. I get an error 500. Can you please help me?



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You can not upgrade OC by simply coping files. If your store does not have any significant data, simply do a fresh installation

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I have been using Opencart for many years and started with Opencart then upgraded to and now to A couple of years ago, I moved Opencart from the public_html directory to the secure_html directory and used .htaccess commands to redirect the traffic so the my Google Searches would not be interrupted. I also added a Security Certificate to the website about 1 1/2 years ago. When I upgraded to I had all kinds of errors and the Website would not load nor would the admin portion. I tried changing everything in the config.php files and admin/config.php, but never got the site working. I had everything backed up, so I could always go back, but that did not work either as I believe there were some additional problems that my new security certificate and a Server upgrade to PHP7.2 upgrade was causing. I could install a new copy of of Opencart and it worked fine except I would lose 1,000's of customer files and hundreds of products that were already on my server. Note that when I did the new install, I used "X_" preface in the mysql database so it would not write over my existing database files.
All that being said, here is how I fixed it and this should work for almost anybody:
1) Back up your files- The Public_html directory, Secure_html directory, and and the mysql database using Adminer (Free Download if you don't already have it).
2) Erase the old Opencart directory from your server in the secure_html directory (I am suggesting doing your new install in the secure directory.
3) Install a fresh version of Opencart in the secure_html directory. When you install this, add the preface "X_" for where the database will be installed in the mysql directory, using the same database directory as your current data is located. You will now have your old directory with no preface and the new database underneath with the "X_" preface.
4) No comes the fun part, slowly rename the database files with the "X_" preface to "Z_" preface and rename the files with no preface to having the "X_" preface. Do small groups of these at a time and make sure that your site continues to work. I had a problem with the banner, so I switched it back to the files that came with and re-configured the banner. I also had an issue with the "customer" database file and I noticed that new columns had been added to the customer database. After "store_id" there is "language_id" in the customer data table whereas I did not have this column on my old database. Using Adminer, I added this column to my old database. There was also a couple of changes later on in the customer database where there was an "approved" column in the old database table. Just make your old data tables look the same as the new version datatables and they will work.
5) I did not replace the following data tables in my database and kept the new tables:
Also include all data tables that start with these words:
Good luck, but I am happy with the way my site is working now.



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