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Hello Opencart Community,
I have a challenge with SO megamenu, I'm able to create menu items and I can add subcategories under the menu items. The subcategories below the menu items redirect to the specified categories.
However, I would like to make the MAIN menu items clickable (such that they can redirect to a particular category). I tried to achieve this by going to:
Menu Parent Config>Type Link>category and then selecting the appropriate category but this doesn't work.
The subcategories below the menu items are working fine- they redirect to the category.
The menu items are themselves are redirecting to the home page.
check out this video
Some one give me some advice.
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Post by by mona » Tue Dec 15, 2020 10:58 am

Have you contacted the theme developer?

You should not modify core files .. if you would like to donate a cup of coffee I will write it in a modification for you.

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